Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Midweek Teaser: Five Warning Signs Your Story Needs Revision

Some red flags (I'm sure, there are many more) from Kristen Lamb that I story needs revision. I have the tendency to have too many characters at the beginning - like in real life, there's always a bunch of people. Usually I have to cut them down/combine them to get to an acceptable number. 
I'm glad too about the other red flags, most of them source in the "Show, don't tell"-paradigm. But as usual, "these are more guidelines than rules".
Your writer in a foreign land

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:

Original image via Jenny Downing Flikr Creative Commons

We can have the best story ideas in the world, but to be blunt? There’s a lot to be said for delivery. While these problems might seem picky, there are some fundamental errors that can weaken the writing. If our writing loses power, this can become distressing or distracting to readers.
Many readers (not being editors or professional writers) might not be able to articulate specifically why they lost interest in a story, but often the answer is simple. It can be an accumulation of the small things. The little foxes spoil the vine.
Most of us make one or more of these errors, especially when we’re new. Hey, that’s called “being NEW.” No one is born with the natural ability to write brilliant, perfect novels coded into their DNA. It takes time and practice, so give yourself permission to make…
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